Monday, September 26, 2011

Recommittment Ceremony

Now that school is back in session, Halloween is just around the corner and Holidays are coming up. . .maybe it is time to think about doing a recommittment ceremony for you and your spouse.

Maybe you did not have the wedding you always dreamed of, but NOW is the time to create more memories. This time around your children, friends and relatives can be involved, as well.

In this stressful economic times, getting couples working together to not only raise the children, but make their marriage stronger is very important. There would be a lot less divorce if we all took time out in our busy lives to spend time with your significant other. Remember, the children will be launched in the world and then it is back to you two again. If you don't know each other or let the spark go out of the marriage, things will fall apart.

Let me help you find that perfect resort where everyone can not only enjoy a wonderful vacation, but also make the family stronger. Call today 800-340-8050 and I will be happy to help you with the planning and all the details. Remember, I work for you!

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