Monday, September 26, 2011

Recommittment Ceremony

Now that school is back in session, Halloween is just around the corner and Holidays are coming up. . .maybe it is time to think about doing a recommittment ceremony for you and your spouse.

Maybe you did not have the wedding you always dreamed of, but NOW is the time to create more memories. This time around your children, friends and relatives can be involved, as well.

In this stressful economic times, getting couples working together to not only raise the children, but make their marriage stronger is very important. There would be a lot less divorce if we all took time out in our busy lives to spend time with your significant other. Remember, the children will be launched in the world and then it is back to you two again. If you don't know each other or let the spark go out of the marriage, things will fall apart.

Let me help you find that perfect resort where everyone can not only enjoy a wonderful vacation, but also make the family stronger. Call today 800-340-8050 and I will be happy to help you with the planning and all the details. Remember, I work for you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nicer Weather

Now that the weather is finally getting nicer and NOT 100 degrees plus, for me it is time to go enjoy the beach and do some relaxing.

The kids are back in school, things are getting back to "normal" and time to take a quick break. My two rental homes are just about 3 hours from Austin and an easy drive on the way down.

If you travel through Lockhart and Luling, you can stop at some outstanding BBQ places--4 of them in Lockhart and at least two in Luling. They have been featured on the Travel Channel on their program, BEST BBQ. My favorite one is Smitty's BBQ in Lockhart; good meat, good prices and I do like their sauce. I order the sausage dry, so I avoid all the usual grease dripping. It is a tasty treat that can be enjoyed on the go or in their restaurant.

If you journey through Cuero, there is a great old fashioned drive in with some the best malts around. But they are only open on weekdays since they are located next to a school and close at 7pm. Good food at excellent prices.

I like the beach especially in the evenings when the breeze is blowing in and I have my favorite beverage at my side while sitting on my beach chair. Since you can drive on our beach, you can load up your chair, cooler and gear, find a spot you like on the beach, then put your music on the car stereo and just chill out with your own private party.

My two homes are fully furnished, so you have all the linen you need, full kitchen with appliances, washer/dryer and DISH TV provided with about 150 additional movies in each home. So it is a relaxing, fun place to just hang out and get to know your family once again.

And now that it is getting cooler, the fish should start biting again! I think they were also affected with our extreme heat.

The main website for the coast is Call me today at 1-888-811-4497 as some of the weekends and week days are filling up pretty quickly.

Think relax and enjoy life!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ireland Here I COME!!!!

I'm so excited. . .next month I get to return to Ireland for a new tour and introduction of a product line by Sceptre Tours. Can hardly wait to get the itinerary in hand and start doing my research.

The last time I was there, we were in the southern part of Ireland, but due to flooding at the time, we could not visit several sites and even stay at the hotel in Cork that was on the original schedule. But no matter, whatever route we take, I will love being back in the "old country".

Sceptre Tours sends more people to Ireland than any of their competitors. They are very good at what they do and really take care of business.

Right now, I am working on a Spring Break trip to Ireland during Texas State's Spring Break. . . March 10-17. It would run one week and get you back home before classes resume on Monday. It includes round trip airfare from Austin to Dublin (from Chicago to Dublin and return) on the wonderful Airline, Aer Lingus, a four day tour of the south including the Ring of Kerry. It also includes a 2 night extension in Dublin.

Dublin is really a young city, the median age is 30. So it is where everyone should be to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style. No matter that we have to come back on the "official" day, there are still celebrations all week long honoring the patron saint of Ireland.

I love that this tour would be a combination learning and then exploration tour with lots of free time to enjoy the sites of Dublin. The town was originally settled by Viking raiders. Today there are still Viking ruins and influences in the city. So it would be a painless history lesson.

To get you in the moooood to party, the pictures above are an exterior and an interior of the Red Fox Inn. I had the best Irish Coffee of my life while visiting here.

Please contact me asap. It takes at least 10 people for a group and more can lower the price for all. You can reach me at my office number 1-800-340-8050.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Latest Update

Having an office that is NOT at home is a new adventure! I do like having people drop in and I can help them find the right vacation for them. And I post specials on my door and at the entry to the offices.

There is ONE special that I think is a wonderful sale. If you book a trip to Sandals in the Bahamas, the companion airfare is free! So their 2 resorts are on sale UP TO 65% and with a free companion air ticket--I call that a win/win situation.

Love the Sandals Royal Bahamian with it's own private island for guests (have visited there twice) and I am ready to go to Emerald Bay very soon.

So call today 1-800-340-8050 or stop by 1515 Aquarena Springs Dr, Suite 101 in San Marcos for the latest great deals!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yes, this is a REAL sign. We saw this in Utah on the highway south from the Arches National Forest and just had to take a picture of it!

Evidently the deer are so prevalent in the area that they are warning EVERYONE that the deer are into the throes of passion and they are not looking out for cars. Hence the sign.

I love finding quirky signs and sites while traveling. So call me today at 512-805-9500 and I can help you plan your fun trip or getaway. Maybe you will see something fun and make you laugh, too!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lake Tahoe Island

Bet you did not know that Lake Tahoe in Nevada/California has an Island? I was really surprised to find one when touring the area. The name is Fannette Island and it rises 150 feet high. Today there are stone ruins still to be seen but in 1929 there was a stone "castle" built on the island. Mrs. Lora J. Knight built it and called it her "Tea House". The main area was 250 square feet and she had her friends over for tea. I would have enjoyed an invitation to that party!

What fun to dress up, ride in a boat to such a charming destination and have tea with your closest friends! We should all be pampered that way.

I love quirky off the beaten path places and will help you find your perfect spot for a quick getaway or an extended trip. Call today, 512-805-9500.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Getaway to the Snowy Lands

With the newest cold blast arriving today, I realize that some people LIKE the snow and cold. Kind of hard to ski or snowboard without the cold wet stuff.

But at left is a picture of some downtown stores in a charming quirky place in Nevada, Virginia City. The entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has creaky wooden sidewalks and was originally a mining area--and you can still take a mine tour here.

It is located about 1/2 hour from Reno and is not far off the beaten path to Lake Tahoe.

If you will remember the TV show Bonanza (think you can still catch it on TV Land) when the Cartwrights were going to "town" they were always going to Virginia City. Yes, the same place.
It has some fun shops, antique shops, restaurants and the same Western Flavor so you will know you are in the old Wild West.

One fun festival they do once a year is race camels. Yes, I mean those desert animals. One thing on my "bucket list" is to attend these races. I would love to watch all the fun and antics and maybe take a camel ride, as well

So call me today at 512-805-9500 and I can get you up on skis, gambling or having fun at the races!